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If you wear spectacles all the time, then your optical requirements will differ from those people who just need glasses for close work. Individually designed spectacle lenses enable you to see more comfortably and clearly at all distances.

Please ask us for advice, as between the ages of 40 to 55 your prescription is likely to change rapidly. It is essential that the over 40's have their eyes examined every two years, not only to review their prescription, but also to ensure that their eyes remain healthy.

Behavioural Optometry and reading difficulties

Michael Blackstone has written papers and lectured on new developments in Contact Lenses, Dyslexia and Practice Management. His particular interest in Dyslexia arose because his son, now in his thirties, is extremely Dyslexic and is very successful with two university degrees. With Michael having recently retired, Jon Nesbitt and Andrea Branscombe are continuing to provide the same high level of care that Blackstones Optometrists has provided over the last 30 years.

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is the arranging of conditions to provide the person with the opportunity to have the necessary meaningful experiences to acquire through development and learning – quality vision.

We teach a person to ride a 'VISUAL' bicycle – i.e. something one never forgets.

Invest in enabling your child to have the visual abilities to be able to read, learn, think and act - stress free.

Arms not long enough?!

There is no advantage in delaying reading spectacles. They will not make your eyes lazy.


Reading glasses

For only correcting near vision, are worn when reading or doing anything close-up, however wearing these spectacles will cause your distance vision to be blurred. The alternative is half eyes or multifocal contact lenses.

If you need glasses for reading but don't like the look of bifocals, then multifocals could be the answer. Or maybe you're fed up with searching out that pair of half-specs and would rather have a pair you can wear all the time. Again, multifocals may be for you. Multifocal lenses enable the wearer to see clearly at all distances but the variation in the lens is not visible. At Blackstone Optometrists we can demonstrate the effect of wearing these lenses so you can judge for yourself.

As with all our consultations, we will discuss with you the demands of your particular lifestyle.

If you are not comfortable with your multifocals and come back to us within three months, we will replace them with two pairs of single vision lenses.


Similar to bifocal lenses, but without the dividing line. The change from one vision to another is not noticeable. We prescribe different types of multifocal lenses according to specific lifestyle requirements. Make your hobbies, sport and even work more successful, pleasurable and visually comfortable with the new lens designs and materials e.g. from Essilor, the home of Varilux Comfort and Physio, and now .

Head movement when wearing multifocals has been found to be critical. This has been overcome by us using an instrument for measuring your head/eye movements. From these results, we prescribe user friendly tailor made Multifocals, the Varilux E and S design varifocals lenses, which have recently been created to provide an even higher level of personalisation.


Distance or plain vision correction in the top half with reading in the bottom half, separated by a dividing line.Why do I have difficulty reading? Normal healthy young eyes have a wide range of focus from a far distance to a few centimeters. In a young eye the lens is very flexible. But as we get older, the lens of the eye thickens and slowly loses its elasticity leading to a gradual decline in our ability to focus on objects that are close up. This loss of focusing ability is called Presbyopia. It is a normal and an expected change which sooner or later affects everyone. Before considering the alternative forms of correction, a full examination will measure the focusing defects of your eyes and also check for any signs of eye disease or other medical conditions.

indoor lenses

Professionals needing comfortable and accurate vision with indoor lenses

At work and at home there are many fields of activity where the indoor lens gives maximum visual comfort to the wearer, such as using computers, in the laboratory, doctors, artists, lawyers, pharmacists, playing music, cooking, DIY, painting, playing bridge or snooker.

Contact lenses

Very comfortable soft multifocal and bifocal contact lenses or oxygen permeable bifocal contact lenses, both invisible to the observer. Specialist lenses such as these do need the skills and experience available at  Blackstone Optometrists in their fitting. Once you are used to them, we are sure you'll benefit from the freedom they provide in a busy lifestyle. Patients with Asitgmatism can be fitted with Oxygen Permeable and extended wear Oxygen Permeable Lenses. Multifocal Daily Disposable contact soft lenses are the very latest lenses suitable for most of our patients over 45 years young.

Gas permeable multifocal contact lenses

New multifocal contact lenses, which are manufactured out of advanced oxygen permeable materials, have proved very successful in our practice. They require time, experience, patience and understanding to fit.

Disposable Contact Lenses

You can enjoy the comfort of regular fresh lenses if you use disposables. Odd though it may at first sound, these are designed to be thrown away after a period of wear, which can be as little as a day. As your next lenses are always available, there is no need to worry about insurance, protein removal procedures or changes in prescriptions. If wearing daily disposable lenses, you do not even have to think about cleaning or looking after them, just wear and throw away.

Amongst the latest are, daily disposable contact lenses. Now there are even astigmatic correcting disposable contact lenses and also disposable multifocals. Many people find they prefer disposable fresh lenses and although there is a cost, the monthly disposable is affordable. Hard to believe, but prices of many contact lenses really have come down. This may be your good reason to try them for the first time. For more information, click here or go to: www.bcla.org


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