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Eye Tests

To check if you are entitled to a free NHS eye test with us, please visit the NHS Choices website.

Regular sight tests are important for both adults and children. They help to prevent an undiagnosed condition, such as glaucoma or diabetes, causing damage to your eyes.

In children, it's essential to diagnose sight problems early, to prevent learning and development problems.

Regular sight tests are important for everyone, including:

  • drivers,
  • people who need consistently good vision for their work or hobbies, such as computer users,
  • people with some medical conditions, such as diabetes or glaucoma, and
  • people diagnosed as at risk of glaucoma

If you already wear glasses or contact lenses, remember to bring them with you, as you may be asked to wear them during your sight test. Please also bring details of any medication you are currently taking or have recently taken.
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