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Our fully qualified dispensing opticians will help you find the most suitable and fashionable frames to suit you and your lifestyle, and advise on the most appropriate lenses

To help you chose your new spectacles we have our Visioffice system that photographs, videos and allows you to compare up to four different frames at a time. The Visioffice technology also takes every measurement we need to make up your new spectacles even bifocals and varifocals. It even adjusts those readings for how you naturally hold and move your head.


Spectacle Lenses - the latest!

Hide the strength of your prescription with the thinnest lightweight lenses in the latest fashionable frames.

Almost everyone can wear fashionable frames with thin lenses enhanced by the latest 'invisible' anti-reflection coating.

Essilor S series Multifocal lenses

Bespoke spectacle lenses specifically designed around how your eyes move while reading. This is measured using the Visioffice instrument.

Prescription Sunspecs

All types and strengths of prescriptions lenses are available as Sunspecs or lenses that change colour to grey or brown - these are Transitions lenses.


Polarised prescription sun lenses are ideal for sailing, fishing and skiing. These lenses will also change colour when in a car, where most other lenses do not.

Wrap around prescription sports lenses give full all-round vision in clear, photochromic (colour changing) or tinted sunspec prescription lenses.

What is the effect of Ultraviolet light on the eyes?


New technical investigations have shown that 80% of U.V. damage to the eyes occurs before the age of 18.
You should consider wearing U.V. protective eyewear when outside. Even on dull days, the delicate tissues of the eyes needs to be protected from damage from increasingly dangerous U.V. rays. This is important for all age groups, even young children.

If spectacles are prescribed for general use, wear Transitions VI (lenses that change colour according to the amount of UV light exposure) or UV absorbing tints (which are almost clear).

Can spectacle lenses assist in alleviating Migraine attacks?

Yes! Coloured lenses; the tint measured on our Intuitive Colorimeter have helped eliminate Photopic Migraine attacks. Coloured lenses have in the past prescribed by us to an 82 year old to alleviate her lifetime of migraines - they proved successful.
Where special coloured lenses have proved necessary for all day wear, then we can also offer our patients the choice to wear tinted contact lenses incorporating these tints.


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