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Imagine a vision correction that works while you sleep. Imagine waking up to clear, comfortable vision in the morning, without the need to wear specs or contact lenses during the day. Well, imagine no more. Introducing… EyeDream

Live for the WOW

EyeDream, a form of orthokeratology (ortho-k), corrects your vision while you sleep. Simply remove the custom lenses upon waking and enjoy a world of clear, natural vision throughout the day.

EyeDream is safe and effective and has transformed the lives of thousands of people across the world.

Why EyeDream

EyeDream is perfect for people who suffer from mild to moderate short-sightedness and wants to enjoy clear, natural vision all day, without the use of contact lenses or specs.

Unlike laser eye surgery, EyeDream is non-invasive and reversible, making it the best choice for anyone who has considered refractive surgery, but are concerned with the risks. 

Without the limitations that come with soft lenses, EyeDream is ideal for people who want to enjoy an active lifestyle.

The Science

EyeDream lenses gently reshape the curvature of the eye overnight, creating a slightly flatter cornea. The cornea plays a key role in creating a sharp, optical focus.

Upon waking, the slight change in cornea curvature is enough to create clear, sharp vision for the duration of the day. 

EyeDream uses a tried-and-tested design and is only ever performed by a trained optical specialist EyeDream is non-invasive, comfortable and safe.

Is EyeDream for Me?

EyeDream is recommended for patients with mild to

moderate myopia:

  • A spherical spectacle description of -0.75D up to -5.00D
  • Astigmatism of up to -2.50D.

EyeDream is perfect for people who:

  • Want clear natural vision all day
  • Find that soft contact lenses aren’t comfortable
  • Are involved in sport and other recreational activities
  • Have considered laser surgery but are concerned with the risks

EyeDream for Children

Numerous studies have indicated that ortho-k lenses can dramatically slow the progression of short-sightedness in children – subsequently reducing the risk of developing associated problems, such as glaucoma, in adulthood.

EyeDream brings real hope for parents – an opportunity to delay, or abate, myopia in their children.

The improvements vary for each child, and the treatment has never been known to exacerbate Myopia, making it the best, safest option available now.

How much is EyeDream

The treatment is comparable in price to wearing a pair of quality, daily-disposable contact lenses every day. We recommend replacing your EyeDream lenses every six months in order to ensure that they continue to provide optimum vision correction.

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